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Patient 1. Shamsul Haque:
I am enrolled in MLTC for over 3 years now. My younger brother is my caregiver. Previously he didn’t have any time for us as he would have to work outside. Then i came to know of this CDPAP program and MLTC and it helped me greatly. I contacted Tradition Choice and they helped me enroll in the program very quickly and made the process very smooth for us. Now My brother can stay home and take care of me and also earn at the same time. I have better bonded with him and also able to live healthier as he helps me with all my household chores. I get 38 hrs weekly and i am thankfull to GDC for the amazing service they provide me with. I would recommend you to this agency. They work hard to make our lives better.

Patient 2. Abdul Motallib:
I am extremely happy with the service that Tradition Choice provides. They are available to me for any issues 24/7. They even go as far as no other agency will go by helping you with choosing doctors, any medicaid issue that i might have. They help me with renewals. Also i have a coordinator appointed to me that speaks my language and helps me whatever issue i might have. I am grateful to Tradition Choice for helping me live a better life. You can have one too, contact them for assistance.

We pride ourselves on providing your family with an experienced, caring, responsible caregiver. Our Caregivers are dedicated to provide the best care deserved. Reach us at (718) 513-1528