What Are Your Dad’s Options When He Needs Elder Care Services?

It’s clear to everyone in your family that your dad needs help with daily activities. Even he agrees he’s having a harder time with several tasks. When his gout pain is at its worst, he simply cannot function. Plus, he has high blood pressure and his medications make him lightheaded. What are his options when elder care services are necessary?

To get started, look at the things he does well independently. Now, consider the things he’s unable to do without help. Jot those down on a list of the help he needs. Use that list to find what assistance is best.

Personal Care

Elder Care Bronx NY - What Are Your Dad's Options When He Needs Elder Care Services?

Elder Care Bronx NY – What Are Your Dad’s Options When He Needs Elder Care Services?

Is your dad struggling with grooming, hygiene, and personal care? If he’s having a harder time trimming his nails, applying skin lotion, showering, and shaving, personal care attendants can help out.

With personal care services, your dad has someone to help him choose clothing that matches the weather. Suppose it’s cold in the morning but supposed to be warm and sunny later. His caregiver can have him dress in layers that he can remove as it warms up.

If your dad has a hard time zipping up his jeans, buttoning a shirt, or tying shoes, his caregiver can help. You never have to worry about him being under or overdressed.

Companion Care

Companion care services cover everything your dad needs when it comes to managing his home. When he has companion care at home, he has someone available to help him clean his home. This includes chores like vacuuming, wiping down counters, washing dishes, and dusting.

If he can’t stand long enough to sterilize faucet handles, counters, and sinks, he needs someone to do this for him. Older adults are susceptible to food poisoning, so he needs to have a clean kitchen and dishes. If he can’t load and run his dishwasher, hire a caregiver to do it.

Instead of having a hard time carrying his laundry basket to the washer and dryer, your dad can have a caregiver do his laundry. His caregiver can make beds, change sheets, or replace towels. All of the dirty sheets, towels, and clothing are washed, dried, and put away by the caregiver.

When your dad has companionship from a caregiver, he’s not likely to feel lonely or isolated. His caregiver can join him for walks, take him on outings, and spend a rainy afternoon with him watching movies or playing games.

Other Elder Care Service Options

Does your dad still drive? It’s not surprising if his vision or reaction times have diminished to a point that it’s no longer safe. He can have a caregiver drive him to stores, medical offices, or area attractions. If he wants company in the doctor’s waiting room, that’s an option.

Your dad still has a dog or cat. You worry that he’s not properly taking care of that pet. His caregiver can guide him when it comes to cleaning a litter box, taking his dog for a walk, or feeding his pet at the appropriate time.

Once you’ve talked to your dad and others in the family to determine who has the time available to help, not the days when there is no coverage. Call our elder care agency to discuss arranging professional caregivers to help on those days.

With the help of elder care aides, your dad never has to go it alone. You have peace of mind that he’s taking care of himself, even when he does need a helping hand.

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