Five Statistics Regarding In-Home Care

What do you know about in-home care? People often don’t realize all that this essential service can help an older adult accomplish. They don’t realize how much it helps the family caregiver, too.

Here are five statistics to keep in mind about family caregivers in the in-home care they provide.

63% of Family Caregivers Are Women

In-Home Care Long Island NY - Five Statistics Regarding In-Home Care

In-Home Care Long Island NY – Five Statistics Regarding In-Home Care

Women are more likely to become family caregivers to their aging mom or dad. The average age of a family caregiver is 50.

You’re probably balancing your career, your mom’s care, and still have children at home. This is common, and a big reason that many family caregivers learn to rely on respite care services from an in-home care agency.

Most Unpaid Caregivers Help a Family Member

Nine out of ten family caregivers provide care to a family member. Almost 60% are taking care of an aging parent. With diseases like Alzheimer’s growing at alarming rates, it’s not uncommon to find yourself caring for a parent at a younger age than you might have planned.

46% of Care Recipients Are Under the Age of 75

Caring for an aging parent is happening sooner than some might think. Almost half of the older adults receiving care from an unpaid caregiver are below the age of 75. It’s split evenly between those aged 50 to 64 (23%) and 65 to 74 (23%).

Family Caregivers Work an Average of 35.8 Hours Each Week

Family caregivers balance caregiving duties with part-time or full-time jobs. In fact, family caregivers work an average of 35.8 hours a week in addition to the care they provide.

Often, family caregivers find themselves in this role for an average of four years. But, 30% of family caregivers have taken on this role for upwards of ten years. This is why it’s so important to balance the care you offer your mom with professional caregivers. You’ll burn out if you don’t learn to take care of yourself.

63% of Family Caregivers Do Not Live With Their Care Recipient

In many cases, family caregivers have their own homes. They commute between their job, their home, and their parent’s home, adding to the number of hours they’re away from their home each day. It also doubles up on the number of household chores they handle each week.

Plus, these family caregivers often stop by more than once per week. Just over half of family caregivers report they have to help a parent several times per week. If you don’t find the right balance between family caregiving duties and paying for in-home care services, it’s very hard to provide quality care to those in your life.

Hire In-Home Care Providers

Talk to your family about your mom’s care needs. Once you’ve discussed what she could use help with, call our in-home care agency. Your mom shouldn’t have to struggle as she ages. Keep her safe and social by arranging weekly in-home care services.


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