The Best Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Seniors

May is Older Americans Month and it’s a great time for seniors to focus on living their best lives as they get older. These days seniors are more active than ever and exploring their interests and learning new hobbies well into their senior years. But there are some health challenges that seniors have to manage to be as healthy and strong as possible as they get older. In-home care services from trained caregivers are a smart way for seniors to manage the risks of aging in place while giving themselves the support they need to get older and stay healthy.

Some ways that seniors can continue to improve their health as they age include:

Exercise Daily

In-Home Care Brooklyn NY - The Best Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Seniors

In-Home Care Brooklyn NY – The Best Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Seniors

The number one most recommended thing for seniors who want to age healthily is exercise. There is no Fountain of Youth, but exercise is pretty close. Exercise will help seniors keep their muscles strong, hold onto their bone density, control their weight, and stay flexible. Exercise for seniors doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective. A simple walk each day or taking a bike ride is enough to dramatically improve a senior’s health. Seniors should try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day even if it’s just 30 minutes of walking.

Experiment With Cooking

Eating healthy is also important for seniors who are trying to stay healthy. But seniors don’t have to stick to the same dishes they have been cooking since their kids were small. Now is the time for seniors to learn about other cuisines and try other types of cooking. In-home care providers can help seniors try new foods by helping them shop for ingredients, chop vegetables, and lift heavy pots of water that are needed to cook. And your senior loved one’s in-home care provider would love to share in those meals too and provide companionship and conversation during meals for your senior loved one.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is just as essential as exercise and a healthy diet. Sleep is necessary for brain health and physical health, but seniors often struggle with getting restful sleep. Because seniors usually take several different medications they may develop insomnia or other sleep issues as a result of those medications. In-home care providers can help seniors combat insomnia and help them get the restful sleep they need so that they can thrive well into their senior years.

Learn A New Skill with support of an In-Home Care Aide

Learning new hobbies and trying new activities keeps seniors interested in life and helps them connect socially to the world. When you can’t be with your senior loved one to help them learn more about a new hobby or go with them to a class or shopping for supplies an in-home care provider can do those things with your senior loved one. They can also read instructions to your senior loved ones, drive them to and from practices or meetings, and provide the moral support your senior might need as they try new things.

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