Helpful Gadgets and Devices for Seniors with Arthritis

Arthritis can make even simple household tasks very painful to do. Because so many elderly loved ones have arthritis, tons of gadgets on the marketplace can help them live in their homes for longer. Just because your loved one suffers from this disease doesn’t mean they should stop doing the things they love or give up aging. Added help from personal care at home providers can increase your senior’s ability to age in place.

Personal Care at Home Yonkers NY - Helpful Gadgets and Devices for Seniors with Arthritis

Personal Care at Home Yonkers NY – Helpful Gadgets and Devices for Seniors with Arthritis

If your senior needs more help to do daily things like getting dressed, tying shoes, prepping meals, or even bathing, it’s time to look into hiring personal care at home to help them. These professionals can come in part or full-time to help your loved one with daily tasks. Finding the right personal care at home provider can make a huge difference in how a senior lives, but so can finding the right gadgets and tools to upgrade a senior’s quality of life. Here are some things you can consider buying for your elderly loved one.

Weighted Utensils

Not only should your senior have heavily weighted utensils, but they should also be easy to grip. Arthritis can make even simple things like eating such a challenge. Standard utensils can be painful to use. Although personal care at home can help a senior eat, it may make them feel like they’re losing their independence. It’s good to find an alternative for your senior loved one, and this is a good starting place.

Find the Right Jar Opener

Jar/can opener can be a huge challenge for someone with arthritis because they are not easy to grip. Finding an electric jar opener may be the best way to keep seniors cooking foods in their pantries. Some jar openers can be placed under the counter or shelf to open things like pickles or jellies. This is a great way to keep your elderly loved one independent for longer.

Find a Button Hook if Personal Care at Home Aides are not There

One of the best things about personal care at home is it can help a senior get dressed. However, even these professionals will have days off, so what can your loved one do if they like to wear button-down shirts? Easy! There is a button hook that they can use to help button up each shirt. This makes it easier for someone with arthritis to still wear what they feel best and most comfortable in without the help of an assistant.

Soft-Grip Scissors

You can all admit certain scissors are just not entirely comfortable. This can be especially true when a senior suffers from arthritis. Many times, a senior needs to cut something open or even cut up certain foods. Finding two pairs of soft-grip scissors can be imperative for a senior living at home alone.

Lever Door Knobs

Having a round door knob may make life a lot harder in a house. Not every senior with arthritis will be able to grip a round door knob. Levers are easier to push down to get into places and can be much more gentle on the hands. If your senior avoid certain rooms because of a door handle, it can be a sign that you need to replace their door knobs with something easier.

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