How Senior Home Care Can Benefit Your Elderly Parent?

According to an AARP study, more than 90% of seniors would prefer to stay in their homes as they get older. Seniors want to stay in the homes where they raised their families and in communities where they have strong ties to neighbors, friends, and local businesses that they trust. But as seniors get older they may need extra help. Senior home care providers help seniors stay safely in their existing homes by helping with everyday life tasks. With help at home from a trained care provider, seniors can live the way they want to live – at home.

Just a few of the ways that senior home care can benefit your elderly parents are:

Medication Management

Senior Home Care Syracuse NY - How Senior Home Care Can Benefit Your Elderly Parent

Senior Home Care Syracuse NY – How Senior Home Care Can Benefit Your Elderly Parent

Most seniors take several different medications. Keeping those medications straight and making sure that they take all their medications at the right times can be tough for seniors as they get older. Medication management done by a trained home care professional can help your elderly parents get their medications on time every day. A senior home care provider can also keep a record of the medications that your senior parents are taking, when those medications are given, and when they need to be refilled. That can be very helpful for you and your senior parents. Your elderly parents won’t run out of medications, take them twice by accident, or have any other medication mishaps that could harm them.

Cooking And Shopping

Shopping is one of the tasks that gets very difficult for seniors as they get older. Getting to and from the store can be challenging, especially when they are coming home with heavy bags of groceries. Unloading groceries, pet food, and household supplies can be a big task. And walking around the store to get everything they need can be hard on seniors with limited mobility. Senior home care includes help with tasks like shopping and unloading groceries so that seniors can get the items they need. And care providers can help seniors prepare meals and clean up afterward so that you will know they are eating healthy meals every day.

Housecleaning And Laundry

Another common problem for seniors that are aging in place is keeping up with the housework. Dusting, vacuuming, tidying up the place, mopping, doing dishes, and doing laundry are all difficult tasks even for seniors who don’t have underlying health problems. Senior home care providers can help your senior loved ones with household tasks or take over all the cleaning so that your senior loved one doesn’t struggle to keep the house clean and sanitary.

Personal Care

Personal care tasks like bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, washing up, and getting dressed get more difficult for seniors as they get older. Having a helping hand from an experienced senior home care provider who is trained to help seniors with delicate tasks makes it easier for seniors to keep up with personal care so they stay healthy and feel good about themselves and their appearance.


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