Senior Home Care: How to Find the Right Caregiver When Your Mom Has Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease can make it hard to arrange senior home care for your mom. You need to find a caregiver with experience as every case of Alzheimer’s is different. Some people in the middle stages become angry and will lash out at others. Delusions and paranoia also make it hard to find the right caregiver.

It can be frustrating to find the perfect caregiver but don’t give up hope. To ensure you find the best senior home care aides for a parent with Alzheimer’s, rely on these tips.

Explain the Benefits of a Senior Home Care Aide With Your Mom

Senior Home Care Manhattan NY - Senior Home Care: How to Find the Right Caregiver When Your Mom Has Alzheimer's

Senior Home Care Manhattan NY – Senior Home Care: How to Find the Right Caregiver When Your Mom Has Alzheimer’s

New people can be alarming to someone with Alzheimer’s. Make sure you’re honest with your mom and talk to her about why caregivers are stopping by. Don’t mention Alzheimer’s if you know that upsets her. Instead, talk about the convenience of having someone to do her housework.

If you focus on what she won’t have to do that she’s never enjoyed working on, she’s less likely to resist or fear the changes. Focus on caregivers being friends and that they’re going to help her with things she hates doing like cooking meals, washing dishes, or making beds.

Make Sure You’re Honest About Your Mom’s Care Needs

Be as thorough as you can be when it comes to your mom’s care needs. Tell the senior home care agency that paranoia is a symptom if she’s accused you of stealing her items. She’s wandered away once, so you need to tell the specialist that.

Her care plan needs to be created to match her needs. As the disease progresses, additional care services can be added, but you want to make sure a caregiver is prepared for the things your mom is all set. If there are things she can do but sometimes needs prompting to get her started, talk to the specialist about those tasks.

Ask About Experience

When you talk to a home care specialist, ask about the caregivers’ experiences with Alzheimer’s. If a caregiver has some experience, it’s helpful. Your mom may not act the same way that the caregiver’s parent, grandparent, or previous client acted, but any experience with the disease is helpful.

You can also ask about certification. There are programs that home care aides can take to become certified in dementia care. It’s helpful to know that a caregiver is trained in matters like redirection techniques.

Be Available Without Being in the Way

You may need to start slow and allow your mom the time she needs to adjust to her senior home care aide. Consider being present in the home while a caregiver works with her, but don’t hover nearby. Work in another room and only step in if your mom is panicking or being combative.

As your mom becomes familiar with home care and her caregiver, you’ll be able to leave home to run errands or go out with friends. Make arrangements by talking to our senior home care specialist.

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