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Alzheimer’s and dementia are the two most common diseases that an elderly patient over 65 might be suffering from. Most of us will know when a loved one is affected by these diseases. Because of the extensive care that these patients require it is not unnatural for children and grandchildren to care for loved ones with this condition. In fact, caring for these patients in a home environment through homecare is often a better fit for comfort and for financial practicalities. Though doctors might recommend other programs, but those services are usually not covered through Medicare, Medicaid or most insurances and tend to be highly expensive.

A personal care assistant will help the patients to continue living at home and also getting the much-needed care that they require.

Because Alzheimer’s and Dementia are a progressive disease that affects different people in a different way there is not one solution that would fit all, and each patient will require different level of caring and monitoring. It is extremely important for the caregivers to fully understand their role and devote themselves into this care.

But caring for someone with these symptoms can be very demanding and time consuming, outside work may no longer be an option for these caregivers. So if you find yourself in a similar situation and your loved one is enrolled in Medicaid, you may qualify for the Medicaid’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program and get paid for your work. Contact us at Tradition Choice for more information and enroll today.