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We often find ourselves in a difficult position where we must choose between a loved one and outside work. Even as our loved ones continue suffering, our time is invested elsewhere for financial practicalities.

If you find yourselves in a similar situation then we might be able to help you. If you or your loved one is above 60 years old and has Medicaid, then you might be eligible for Medicaid’s Managed Long-Term Care Program and enroll in consumer directed personal assistant program (CDPAP).

Through this program you will be able to take care of your loved one at home and earn at the same time. If you or your loved one has Medicaid, then our enrollment department will assist you enrolling in the CDPAP program and assist you in choosing a caregiver of your own. The caregiver of your choosing can be anyone you trust, a friend, a neighbor or even your own adult children living at your home.

The caregiver once appointed will be paid hourly at a competitive rate for taking care of you. So, call us today and enroll or simply to learn more of the Medicaid’s Managed Long-Term Care program.